Prom Palace is taking a Holiday

Since Glamourous Gowns started selling prom dresses, we have seen the Prom Industry grow phenomenally. During the Prom Season, it has got to the stage where we can either operate as a Bridal Shop, or as a Prom Shop, but not both. So we have decided to stop selling prom dresses for the foreseeable future.

You will still be able to buy bridesmaids dresses to use as a prom dress, from Glamourous Gowns. However, if you want a full-on glitzy Princess Prom Outfit, then we suggest you look at the Mori Lee Prom Website for their list of official stockists. And please remember that wherever you choose to buy your dream dress from, if you want it made for you, you will need to be ordering it in January for a June Prom!!!